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Each all-natural, chemical-free Leafyhead lotion, potion, cream, salve, balm, oil, and bath salt is made with love in small batches.

Tricia McCauley, M.S., Herbal Medicine

  • Leafyhead Lotions & Potions
  • Leafyhead Lotions & Potions
  • Leafyhead Lotions & Potions
  • Leafyhead Lotions & Potions

Herbs are plants with healing or beneficial properties.

Throughout history, in all cultures of the world, herbs have been used to enhance health.  Before modern medicines were first synthesized in laboratories in 1897, plants were the only medicines available.  There is plenty of scientific research supporting the use of herbs in health, and yet the ways they gently nudge the body toward balance are seemingly magical.

Why herbs for your body?

These products are created to support your body from the outside using the gentle healing power of herbs.  Oils and butters made from plants soothe and moisten your skin.  Leaves, roots, and flowers can help the body to reduce inflammation and encourage tissue healing.  The scents of pure essential oils can relax, uplift, and even encourage nerve growth in the brain.

What goes on, goes in.

Many commercial body products contain chemical surfactants, preservatives, and perfumes with negative health effects.  These chemicals keep down costs and extend the shelf life of products, but at what price?  Chemicals can be absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream, or they can irritate and inflame the surface of the skin outright.  The health warnings can be terrifying and overwhelming – parabens, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, DEA, oh my!

Luxurious body care doesn't have to be dangerous.

Leafyhead products contain no unnecessary ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Everything is organic, and food-grade whenever possible.  Our herbs are home-grown or sourced from reputable, environmentally friendly dealers; a few are ethically wild-crafted.  Our scents are created using only pure essential oils, never synthetic perfumes.  All our ingredients are fully disclosed, and you are welcome to read more about them, or contact us with questions.

Our water-based products (creams and lotions) need preservatives, and we use the gentlest, most natural products possible.  This means that our creams and lotions will not last forever on a shelf – and we think that's a good thing!  Creams and lotions are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase.  Salves, salts, spritzers, etc will last for a long, long, time.  

Even all-natural products can cause negative reactions in some people.  Leafyhead products are free from gluten, soy, and jojoba because people we love are allergic to them.  We will be pleased to formulate a lotion or potion for your skin's needs, too.

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