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army of lip balms

It all began with cilantro lip balm.

I had a lot of crazy food sensitivities for many years, and had to meticulously read the ingredient lists of everthing that went in or on my body.  As a lip balm addict, this was often challenging: complex products nearly always contained at least one of my trigger oils.  When I went to graduate school to study herbal medicine, we learned how to make lip balm - a revelation!  I could make my very own products and be worry-free!  I've always adored the scent of cilantro (coriander leaf, to the Brits), and claimed that if I anyone ever made cilantro perfume, I'd wear it.  So I got ahold of some cilantro essential oil, and the first (unofficial) Leafyhead product was created.  

From there, I began making presents for friends, and many exclaimed, "I'd buy this!" I believed them, and created Leafyhead Lotions & Potions in the summer of 2009.

Nearly every product was created for a specific friend.  Peppermint Foot Cream was one of the first, made for my friend Lisa who spends long hours on her feet as a photographer. (It's also great for hands, knees, and elbows!)  

Boobie Balm was inspired by Ann, who was breastfeeding; her baby's nursing followed by the strain of pumping (wet and dry, over and over) made her nipples chaffed and painful. She declares, "After trying many other products, it was the Boobie Balm that finally eased my pain enough to make nursing comfortable." It's not just for boobies, of course; apply it to any rashes, scrapes, or chafes you may have, including especially chapped lips.

Itch & Inflammation Cream was invented for Beth, who asked for something to soothe her dry, cracked hands after an evening of washing glasses as a bartender. Then I realized it relieved my itchy, red allergic hives! The herbs in this mix have been used traditionally to help the body moderate inflammation, and aid the healing of skin.

Andrea wanted a soothing, nourishing bath milk for her skin, so I created bath milk for her. Milk proteins soften the skin, and salts detoxify the body and relax the muscles. Now, her toddler son refers to it as "Tricia Bath." Aw, so sweet!

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